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>> bill: it is d-day! good morning everybody! tuesday, november 6th. the day we've been waiting for and working for for a long time now! here we go. welcome to the "full court press" this election day. coming to you live across this great land of ours on current tv. and never has there been an election more important. think about it. everything we believe in. everything and everybody that we care for. everything we have fought for and won. it is all at stake in this election. we stand either keep growing and
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keep moving in the right direction, keep going forward or losing it all and going backward with mitt romney. no way we can let that happen. so we'll give it one more push today here on the "full court press." good to have you with us but let's start out with all of the latest this election day from lisa ferguson. today's current news update. she's standing by in los angeles. hi lisa. good morning. >> hey bill, good morning everyone. kind of hard to believe it's finally here but today is the day. more than a year of campaigning and billions of dollars spent on this election. and now it's all up to you. president obama is officially off the trail. he held an emotional final rally in iowa last night. where he got a little teary eyed in the state that started it all. >> but iowa, we're here tonight because we've got more work to do. we're not done yet on this journey. we've got more road to travel. >> today, the president is keeping his election day tradition of shooting some hoops
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then he holds his election night rally in chicago. mayor romney though is not calling it quits just yet. he starts the day off by voting in belmont massachusetts. then it is on to events in ohio, pennsylvania and back to massachusetts. going into the election, the president has a slight edge in the polls. according to the latest "washington post" abc news poll, that has him at 50% to 47%. of course, only poll that matters from here is the one that happens inside the voting booth. president obama's final message yesterday, if you vote, i will win. that could be a problem particularly in florida and ohio as we reported yesterday. early voting rollbacks meant some people were waiting in line for as long as six hours to finally cast their ballot. so we'll have to see how those polls are today. >> if you need to know how late your polls are open, politico and ap have a good map of state by state closing times. you can check it out on politico's home page. we'll be right back.
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(vo) tonight, current tv presents special election coverage, with unrivaled social media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen.
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: broadcasting >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv, this is the "bill press show." >> bill: well, the count is in vicksville and the polls have opened in the state of vermont. maybe a couple of other states. it's here, baby! it's here! what do you say? hello, everybody. god, we've been waiting for this day a long time. i can't wait -- i can't wait until it's over. good morning. happy election day november 6th, tuesday. here we go. the "full court press" coming to you live in many different ways. on your local progressive talk
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radio station we start the day together every day. on current tv, three good hours of rollicking talk and analysis and information. and on sirius x.m. this hour only. good to see you today. let's get right into it. what we can expect to happen, who you think is going to win by how much. what we're going to talk about mainly today. so get ready. give us a call at 1-866-55-press. that's our toll free number. 1-866-55-press. tweet us on twitter. at bpshow. join the chat room. and go into the chat room and here they are, all of your good friends and neighbors all the way across the land. don't forget facebook. show. always to join the fun. and the important talk today about this election, if you
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haven't already done so, get out and vote, vote, vote. that's the most important thing. it is our civic duty and how we show we really do love this country. we really are proud to be americans. don't tell me you're a patriot. don't tell me you're a true american if you refuse to vote. i don't believe it. here we go. the whole team here. peter ogborn and dan henning. good morning guys. >> happy tuesday. >> good morning. >> happy election day. >> bill: maryland voters. cyprian bowlding. >> voting yes on proposition 6. >> bill: cyprian bowlding. another maryland voter. phil backert? maryland voter. >> got maryland locked up. >> bill: and california. got the big states. >> i'm taking -- >> bill: he hope we voted yes on measure 7 to allow gambling in maryland? >> i'm going to vote today. i'm taking my 7-year-old with me to go vote.
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he's never been so we're going to go. >> bill: let him punch the buttons. >> i think i might. [ laughter ] don't tell anybody though. >> bill: he can probably make as intelligent a decision as you could. >> he's better informed. >> bill: and you know, we're going to look forward here. we're looking forward. thinking positive. we're look forward to four more years of barack obama. we also have to look backward and chuckle at some of the highlights of this campaign. there have been -- think back. >> it has been insane. i was just thinking on my way in this morning -- >> bill: we were in south carolina. >> less than a year ago. so much has happened. >> bill: we remember some of the high points of this campaign. we'll bring them to you. newt gingrich, he was number one for some time and he had some pretty far out ideas. >> we will have the first permanent base on the moon and it will be american. [ cheering ] >> bill: yes a moon colony.
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republicans. [ laughter ] >> bill: billion dollars we don't have on that. yeah right. not raise anybody's taxes. >> how is he not the nominate? >> bill: he should be the nominee. we also remember -- this the guy you almost forgot. we forget about jon huntsman. >> who? >> bill: we forget about rick perry. >> who? >> bill: perry was in there. he led at one time, too. everybody thought he was going to take this by storm. and knock mitt romney out of the box until his memory got in the way a little bit. >> the third agency of government i would do away with education -- commerce and let's see -- i can't -- the third one i can't. sorry. oops. [ laughter ] >> the oops heard around the world. >> wow. >> bill: they were good times.
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>> they really were. >> bill: they were good times. oh man. sorry to see them go. yes, indeed. today a big first for the "full court press." we have not one but two u.s. senators. yesterday, the president's sister. are we delivering or what here? you know what i mean? >> i like it. >> bill: hope you guys appreciate this. tom harkin from iowa. sherrod brown to be re-elected today as the senator from ohio. it is tuesday. tuesdays with judd. judd legum will be here from think progress. that's just a few of our guests. many guests this morning. look, i'm going to give you the exact count of what's going to happen today. don't have to wait up tonight. i'll tell you. but first -- >> this is the "full court press." >> other headlines making news on this tuesday the minnesota vikings player who has been an outspoken proponent of marriage equality is sticking up for his beliefs. chris cluey resigned after that newspaper endorsed minnesota
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amendment one which would embed inequality into the state's constitution. he had contributed a blog to the paper's web site on all things sports and politics. >> bill: if minnesota joined some of these other half-ass, half-brained states in making -- in opposing marriage equality, i would really be disappointed because that's a state with a great, great progressive tradition. >> yeah. >> a lot of companies are offering something for free today to people who vote and support the i voted sticker on their shirt. head to white castle, popular in the swing state of ohio, you'll get free fries with your burgers. california tortilla giving away free tacos. tim horton's is giving away free doughnuts. zip car, you can rent a car for half price today. they want to help you get out to the polls. several big department stores offering election day sales. >> bill: that's cool. i like that. i'm proud of the fact when i was
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state democratic chair of california, we offered a dozen doughnuts to people who came -- >> a dozen doughnuts? >> bill: we made a deal with doughnut shops if they came in and said i voted -- you didn't have to say i voted democratic, of course we just did it in democratic areas -- [ laughter ] but a dozen free doughnuts man we gave away a lot of doughnuts. got a lot of votes. >> one woman in indianapolis is a lucky lady. lena eaton has won the lottery twice in the last two months. "the indianapolis star" reports she's 91 years old won $300,000 in august. another $100,000 off a scratchoff ticket last week. >> b.s. >> estimated odds of winning one in 5.7 trillion. >> how old is she? >> 91 years old. >> she's not going to spend all of that money. >> bill: i could help her. i tell you one thing she's waited a long time for that money. guess she deserves it. all right. here we go. here we are indeed.
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think about it, president obama's last day on the campaign trail yesterday run for another office. he'll never have to do another campaign swing. he made the most of it yesterday. bouncing around the country to swing states, ending up in chicago last night. in ohio, he told a crowd you people at least by now you know who i am. >> obama: you know where i stand. you know what i believe. you know i tell the truth. and you know that i'll fight for you and your families every single day as hard as i know how. you know that about me. [ cheering ] >> bill: amen. we know that, mr. president. we also know there is a clear choice, clear choice facing all of us americans today. >> obama: the choice between returning to the top-down policies that crashed our economy or a future that's built on providing opportunity to everybody and growing a strong middle class.
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>> bill: that's what it amounts to. now the president said look, i've done my job. now, baby, you gotta make it happen. >> obama: after all of the rallies, after the millions of dollars of ads, it all comes down to you. it is out of my hands now. it is in yours. >> bill: it is in our hands indeed. i've gotta tell you i mean i got e-mails this morning from friends -- friend in san diego saying i'm up late drinking wine. i'm so worried about this election. i got a call from a friend in santa barbara. haven't heard from her -- i don't know, maybe five, six years. call me, said bill, i'm worried. what's going to happen? i've heard that from so many people who have called and e-mailed. i'm worried. i tell everybody relax. we're going to be okay. first of all don't relax so much that you don't get out to vote. we've got to get out to vote today! not only get out to vote if you
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haven't already voted, i voted early voting. i know a lot of you have. you gotta vote. so important to vote. make sure your families vote. your friends vote. don't let them sit home. if you have any time today volunteer. this one last day this is so important. my wife, carol carol's gone over to arlington today and she's going to spend all day getting out the vote in virginia, northern virginia. really important. she's volunteer. she's got a spot. she knows exactly what she's got to do. if you got any time today give of your time. most of all, don't worry. i think -- i honestly believe we're going to be okay. i'm telling you that i believe president obama firmly convinced on the evidence, not just what i want to happen, what will happen. president obama will win the electoral college decisively. he's going to win the popular vote by a farrow margin. he's going to win the popular vote and we will know tonight who the winner is.
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we're not going to have any long recount. let me give you -- here's what i want to know from you. this is interesting. if you look back at the polls -- i gotta tell you before the week is out i can't wait to destroy some of these pollsters. because i think they are so wrong and they've done such a bad job in this campaign and they have actually tried to determine how this election is -- reporters using the polls have tried to determine how this election will go. and i know some of the pollsters are going to have a lot of egg on their face and i can't wait to run it in, okay. but if you look at the -- forget the national polls. and look at the electoral college, i think there's evidence to back up my belief that president obama is going to win both the popular vote and the electoral vote.
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what i would like you to answer this question is not so much who do you want to win -- we know that. we want president obama to win. who do you think is going to win. i saw a poll, peter the other day that i thought was very interesting. that when you look back at polls, who's going to win -- who are you going to vote for right? it's all over the place. but if you ask people the question "who do you think is going to win"? 81% of the time they were correct. i think abc did the story the other night. they're asking people okay, who are you going to vote for? >> romney. >> who do you think is going to win? obama. >> who are you going to vote for? romney. who do you think is going to win? obama. i honestly believe president obama is going to win. i have other people in my camp this morning. we'll take your calls. larry, university of virginia,
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center for politics, i think he's one of the best prognosticators in the business. one of the best political minds in the business. hate going to join -- he's going to join us in the last hour by the way. he says president obama 290 electoral votes romney, 248. you need 270 to win. he says obama. by the way he's on fox news all the time. like he's their go-to guy. he said obama 290. he may never appear on fox news again. nate silver, you hear me talk about him all the time. the 538 blog in "the new york times." i think he's one of the best in the business. he says obama 314 electoral votes. romney 223. he says obama 51% of the popular vote. 48%. for mitt romney. he takes all of the polls and extrapolates them and comes up with it. he nate silver says obama is a 92% chance -- 92% chance that he's going to win.
3:20 am
politico, this morning they're not known -- they're not a left-leaning blog. politico, their call this morning, 303 lector votes for president obama. those are just three of the best indicators, all of them say obama. electoral votes locked in. don't worry about it. vote today. get out and work today if you can. tell me what do you think -- who do you think honestly is going to win? and then by how much? >> yeah, let's do the electoral math. >> bill: put yourself on the line. >> quick note. if you're following us on twitter, we just tweeted out a very helpful interactive electoral map. you can call some of the swing states. you can have your math right in front of you how you think it will go at bpshow on twitter. we have the link there. >> bill: all right. you got it. we'll be right back here on the "full court press." election day 2012. >> announcer: get out and vote! it's that simple!
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this is the "full court press." the "bill press show" on your radio and on current tv. the troops love me. >>only on current tv. dose of politics from a fresh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. >>only on current tv.
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thomas jefferson said that a successful democracy depended on an informed electorate. our country's future depends on you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. take the time to learn about the issues.
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don't just vote, vote smart. >> announcer: heard around the >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." >> bill: hey 25 minutes after the hour now on this election day. 2012. the day we've been waiting for. and working for. here we go. and we want to know from you all right who do you think -- who do you think? who do you think is going to win. not who do you want to win. pete has given us a little map there. i was doing it myself here during the break. not sure i got finished -- i have most of them finished.
3:25 am
i come up with -- i'm leaving florida up in the air and north carolina up in the air. and as undecided. and with that, i get obama 303 electoral votes romney 191. which is close to what politico is. what do you have? >> 290-248. for obama. >> bill: that's exactly what larry -- >> i did the whole map just on "the huffington post" link that we tweeted out at bpshow. i was generous and i gave virginia, north carolina to romney. >> bill: whoa. >> and even if he wins virginia, north carolina and i gave florida to romney. those three i gave to romney. i still came up with 290-248. >> bill: i'll take 290. twitter comments? >> we're tweeting at bpshow. mr. john john tweeting he's predicting 300 plus electoral voteless for obama.
3:26 am
and a couple of notes from people voting, says it is 20 degrees out. i'm heading out to vote for the president. and here's just a comment i'll throw out there. you can debate this on twitter. barkway said regardless of tonight's outcome, i felt it was wrong a few states always decide the presidency for the whole country. debate that amongst yourselves on twitter. >> bill: our roving ambassador arnold. get your ass back to north carolina, dude! >> i already voted bill. >> bill: good man. >> just a bit disappointed in the lines i've seen since i've been down here. lines that they have. man, it is ridiculous. it is like a third world nation. >> bill: rick scott wants it that way right? because he doesn't want those people waiting in line who might have dark skin to vote. >> that's right. exactly. i think obama's doing -- my
3:27 am
stomach ises a upside down squeezy feeling. i think my state is going to flop out. i think also florida is going to be touch and go there. >> bill: all right. we got it, arnold. all right, man. you'll feel better tomorrow. rick, portland oregon. what's going on on the west coast? >> hey i'll tell you, you know, good morning bill. i believe that, you know, portland, of course, we're oregon -- oregon is going to pull for obama which i love. and i also have voted for obama and i do believe obama is going to win. i also believe he's going to win by i think a lot more than people think. >> bill: you want to pick a number? >> i'm going to say 52%. >> bill: 52% of the popular vote. we'll take more calls when we come back on the "full court press." >> announcer: this is the "bill press show."
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say -- maybe it was starve the beast. i'll look it up during the break. a phrase there. coverage, with unrivaled social media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen.
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>> announcer: blue states, red states, swing states, we're covering them all on radio and tv. this is the "bill press show." >> bill: welcome back to the "full court press" this election day. 2012. 33 minutes after the hour now. we're coming to you live from our nation's capital. brought to you today by ullico, incorporated. the good men and women of ullico under president ed smith, proudly serving the union workplace for more than 85 years, providing specialty insurance, risk solutions investment products and services. you can find out more by going to their web site at that's
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that's union solutions for the workplace. almost as long as i've been involved in politics it seems there's been a great organization out there whose whole focus has been on registering young voters and making sure they know how important it is to participate in this great electoral process in this country. register to vote and actually get out to vote. that organization called rock the vote. heather smith is head of rock the vote. comes in to us this morning early this morning in studio. heather, nice to see you. >> nice to see you bill. >> bill: i remember you got started -- peter, if you can get closer to the microphone. we were saying the rock the vote started in 1992 with bill clinton, right? >> yeah. that was our first presidential campaign. most people remember the boxers or briefs comment. >> bill: that was a big rock the vote event. >> no kidding. >> bill: a young voter asked
3:34 am
president clinton that question. >> that's funny. >> bill: i forget his answer. at any rate -- >> he said none of the above. [ laughter ] >> bill: no, that's what michelle obama said this year. and heather during the break i saw on another channel here, they had the little tease will young people turn out the vote this year? so that is a big question about this campaign. what's the answer? >> it is a question we hear every time. of course, we know young people care. this generation, they're not like their older brothers and sisters of gen-x. they actually really care. they're not the slackers. i'll take the blame. the question is will they vote this time around. we've been out on the ground. we've registered over a million voters. >> bill: whoa! >> state by state. they're really engaged when you talk to them. i think the question is how many
3:35 am
people were we able to reach. how many people were at the campaign table able to reach. was enough invested in turning out the young people. >> bill: where did you register the one million voters? >> college campuses, high school classrooms concerts and festivals. we've been touring with artists across the country and then online as well. >> bill: right. do you go to blue states? [ laughter ] >> bill: damn. >> we give them the information and the tools to make up their own minds. but of course, which voters show up in these swing states will -- i believe determine who becomes the president of this country. >> bill: so now today is the day all of those people that block of a million voters now -- so do you -- how's it work? do you keep in touch with them and then make sure that they follow through? >> yeah, absolutely. so every single one of them received an e-mail this morning that told them where to find their polling place, where to
3:36 am
go, what hours the polls are open. we're sending text messages, we've been phone banking across the country, calling every single voter we've registered saying now we need you to go vote. what can we do to help you get there? >> bill: you have that information on each one of them, right? >> yes, we do. >> bill: boy, that is great. >> what we know, which is pretty cool -- >> bill: electronic bracelet on. >> i got one of the e-mails this morning. yeah -- >> bill: you're not a college student. >> he's pretending. we help everyone. >> yeah. it tells you right here, the polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the district of columbia which is where you vote. so it has all of the information. link to go to the election center, what you need, it's great. >> we even bring it to your cell phone. >> bill: so you follow through -- based on -- i mean a lot -- okay. you hear it all the time. that young people are just not
3:37 am
as excited in 2012, particularly about obama as they were in 2008. did you find that? >> yeah, it's been a long four years. and remember, this is a different set of young people. so 17 million have turned 18 since the last election. and. >> wow! that's fascinating. >> 46 million voters under the age of 30. they're one in four in the electorate. there are more people under 30 than over 65. the potential power of this generation. >> bill: people are living longer, there's still more -- >> yeah, this generation coming up the millennials huge, huge, huge in number. incredibly diverse. by just the sheer number alone they will dictate how our country runs and the politics that we follow. but those who are of voting age right now, we're looking at about 46 million or one in four voters.
3:38 am
>> bill: if there are 17 million that turned 18 in the last four years. >> in the last four years. >> bill: why did you only register a million? [ laughter ] >> excellent question. >> get to work! >> some register on their own. but of course, it is a big question and one that, personally, i think we need to address as a country. people turn 18, they're citizens of this country. they should be allowed to vote. why are groups like ours going out trying to get them registered and in fact, many of them will miss the deadline because they're not thinking about voting until yesterday. >> bill: but they are allowed to vote. >> but they need to register first. >> bill: exactly. there are lots of -- lots of solutions there. one is to allow them to register on election day which i really think you should be able to show up register and vote. >> absolutely. ten states today you'll be able to do that. >> bill: right. what about people who are not millennials? they don't fit into that -- do you offer any --
3:39 am
>> we'll take care of them, too. >> bill: oh, really? >> yes. there's a few things because we know that -- you know, for many people, thinking about voting, where do i go, what do i bring or for example in new jersey, new york, your polling place has been moved, we want to have all of that information so we've set up an election center at rock the we've also set up a mobile short code so if anyone wants to text the word where w-h-e-r-e we'll reply with your polling location as well as the hours that it's open. just finding ways to get the information out there that people need in order to cast a ballot. >> bill: if you have any question -- >> we've got answers. >> bill: particularly if you're in new york, new jersey, where there's been extensive storm damage, not sure if your polling place is open, you can get it by going to >> that's right. >> bill: or if you have cell phone service in those areas
3:40 am
rtvote and then punch in where. can we put that link up? >> i'm on it. >> bill: on our web site. we've also been asking to keep this thread going people today what they think -- how this -- how they think this election is going to turn out. not what they want to happen. we've been talking about what we want to happen. particularly on this left leaning progressive talk show. proud of it. but what they think is going to happen. twitter comments. peter? >> we've got a lot of comments. jim irwin is saying obama 303 romney 235 is the way his math falls out. >> bill: that's mine, too. >> j. r. r. jacobs, the only way romney wins this thing is if he steals it. otherwise, 300 plus for obama. a lot of stories of people who have already gone out and voted this morning or on their way to go vote. coleman said my daughter texted me from north carolina said people are running to the polls in her town.
3:41 am
and ginger gibson, our good friend from politico says her roommate in northern virginia reports that she waited in line 30 minutes to vote at 6:00 a.m. eastern. >> bill: already this morning? >> she was in line at 6:00 a.m. there was a 30-minute wait in northern virginia. >> that's a good sign. >> bill: say hello to clarence calling from up in baltimore. hey, clarence. what's going on? >> caller: okay. bill, i believe that the republican women are going to play a real big part in obama winning this election because of everything that the republicans have said they would do to healthcare and things like that. it affects women. and i believe that these women are going to get behind those polls. and vote obama. and just to keep the peace home, they're not going to let their husbands know. [ laughter ]
3:42 am
>> bill: all right clarence. by the way i saw one article this morning about about the obama still with a huge lead among women. not so -- it's interesting, of all of the different constituencies, the one that looks like mitt romney has are white males. which i'm mightily ashamed of. what's wrong with us? i don't know. and the people that you registered, do you know the percentage of young women versus young men? >> yeah, we register more women than men. >> bill: i'm not surprised. dumb ass men. [ laughter ] >> then, of course, we know in the last election, young people voted for the president about two to one. and our polling is showing similar margins among some people this time around for the president. of course, the question becomes do those young people supporting the president show up or those supporting governor romney. >> bill: right. that's the turnout. the turnout is the key today in
3:43 am
that ground operation is the key. rock, rock the vote. i love that title. rock the vote. heather smith is the president. she's here with us on election day, 2012. we'll be right back. who do you think is going to win today by how much? we'll be right back. >> announcer: all of the latest from the 2012 election, this is the "bill press show." live on your radio and current tv. dose of politics from a fresh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. >>only on current tv.
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viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen. >> announcer: radio meets >> mr. president, the world's dying to know, is it boxers or briefs? [ laughter ]
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>> usually briefs. >> announcer: the "bill press show." >> bill: he would have to answer that, right? that was president clinton in 1992. the very first year of rock the vote. still going strong. heather smith is president here in studio with us. we've got a big surprise for you coming up here. joining us shortly here on the "full court press." but first just a -- before we get back to calls about who do you think is going to win tonight. a quick question. how much money do you need to earn each month? at love us looking for extra money at the end of the month. here's something you ought to consider. income may be your answer. america's leading work from home business. doing business in over 80 countries today and giving you an opportunity you can do. no matter your age education or experience. you can literally earn money on your laptop from your own kitchen table 24/7. at least you ought to check it out if you're sick of living
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paycheck to paycheck and worried about job security or retirement. if your goal is to earn extra money from home part-time or full time, adding my listeners in record numbers, even giving away $1,000 to somebody for checking them out. that somebody could be you. visit income that's so the key today heather is to get people -- get all of those people who registered out to vote right? >> that's right. we're looking at a couple of states that are really youth dense, home to some of the largest college campuses in the country. first, i'll give you north carolina which in fact, is one of the only states that president obama would never have won without the youth vote four years ago. actually the only age group that he won in 2008 in north carolina were voters under 30. >> bill: wow. >> we'll look at that early and see what is the youth vote doing in the state like north carolina. then you take ohio, for example. we registered nearly 50,000 young voters there.
3:49 am
it is home to -- i think our largous campus in the country. so the students there will clearly play a big role. will they turn out? how many of them will vote. i think that will help determine the election. >> bill: right. >> that's impressive. that's an impressive operation. awesome. >> bill: rock the just a little while ago my cell phone i have turned off went off. i noticed a call from california. i'm thinking who the hell is up that early in california! >> who's crazy enough to be up that early. >> bill: i returned the call during the last break and sure enough, it is a good friend of ours labor secretary member of the president's cabinet secretary soliz. >> guess what. i'm in washington. >> bill: oh, i see. you're still up early. >> you know, i gotta watch your show. it is such an important day. >> bill: absolutely.
3:50 am
>> thanks for having me. i just came in last night from new york. i visited some of the hurricane victims of sandy out in queens and different parts of new york. >> bill: oh, wow. >> it is devastating. people really need help. they need donations. red cross catholic charities whatever works. and people are going to need jobs. so we were out there to help talk about the moneys that the administration just released, $27 million for the state of new york. to hire out dislocated workers for the cleanup. >> bill: really. you know there have to be a lot of jobs in that -- i know you madam secretary secretary napolitano, secretary of housing, shaun donovan and others were out in the field yesterday representing the administration. of course, fema has done such a great job responding. >> the president has been excellent and everyone seems to be very focused on this. but it's going to be a long haul. >> bill: did you find that people are starting to get back on their feet there?
3:51 am
>> somewhat. they don't have -- some places do not have electricity, running water. you have elderly in high rise public housing. it is very distressful. so people need to think about what we can do to help those folks and i know, go online and perhaps one of the best ways is to donate to the red cross. but they really are going to be going through a lot and we have this storm, i believe that's coming up. >> bill: another one. >> so people need to be mindful. but you know what really got me is to hear how people are ready to help each other out. young people, elderly people. people were just dropping off donations at these churches that i was visiting. i was with a congresswoman and also with congressman meeks and we visited several different facilities that are just makeshift that are trying to help people. and people were excited about the election. so i have to tell you that this is not going to stop them from
3:52 am
voting. people will try to get to their polling place so again, i just think it's great what you're doing, encourage people to -- remember these folks but also to encourage people to go out to vote. it is so important to have, you know infrastructure like fema and all of the resources that are so important to our country. >> bill: absolutely. madam secretary, you're very good to check in with us this morning. always appreciate hearing from you and see you back in the studio soon. >> yes, thank you bill. >> bill: secretary of labor hilda solis. heather, you've got the resource for people who have any question if they're in the storm-damaged areas. go to >> the states have done a really good job of making it easy and accessible for those who have been displaced to vote. we'll help you out. >> bill: quick question before we run out of time here. are we ever going to vote online as a nation? >> i'm hoping first we can register online or automate that so that everyone can participate. not sure we're ready for online voting yet but we'll get there.
3:53 am
>> bill: we had the rock the vote online thing. >> i think you were the reason we registered a million people. you were the millionth voter right here. [ laughter ] >> bill: heather smith thanks for your good work. >> thank you bill. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show."
3:54 am
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you've heard bill's views, now let's hear yours. politically direct means no b.s. just telling you what's going on in politics today. >>at the only on-line forum with a direct line to bill press. >>it's something i've been waiting for a long time. >>join the debate now. >> announcer: taking your >> announcer: taking your e-mails on any topic at any time, this is the "bill press show." live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: all right. two united states senators today and a member of the president's cabinet. not bad. >> bring it! >> bill: bring it on!
3:56 am
rodrigo says thanks for the whole season of morning bring me ups rather than the bring me down news of the media. i say vote for the superstar! not the super schmuck. that kind of sums it up. linda cox is terrified the election will be stolen by way of flipping the voting machines in ohio and florida. i wish democrats would take this problem seriously. i think you're on to something glenda. we'll keep and a watch on it. i think democrats are on top of it in both states. robert wonders i wonder how many people will vote for romney thinking he will protect their wealth when he's made a career separating people from the little wealth they have. true. ed says you guys are doing a great job. republicans don't want us to vote. they don't want us to have sexual freedoms, women's rights, gays et cetera. they don't want us even to have the minimum wage. a lot at stake! so who do you think is going to win? >> announcer: this is the "bill press show."
3:57 am
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>> bill: the polls are open in many eastern states. so this is it! what do you say? good morning everybody. election day 2012, tuesday november 6th. good to see you. welcome to the "full court press." your election central. it starts right here and never has an election in my judgment been more important. at least not one that i can remember because everything we believe in is at stake today. everything that we believe in. everything we care about. every body we care about. everything we have fought for
3:59 am
and won. we've gotta keep it all going with barack obama or we could lose it all with mitt romney. it is just as simple as that. it is important to get out and vote. get all your friends and your neighbors out to vote and your family out to vote. put in some extra volunteer hours today if you can. we've gotta make it happen! so more ways we can make it happen here on today's "full court press." but first let's get the latest, today's current news update starting out with lisa ferguson in los angeles. hi lisa. good morning. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. some election day jitters taking over the country today. not just for people worried about their candidate's chances but also in the legal field. of course, we're all hoping to wake up tomorrow morning and know exactly what the president is. but the chances of this election dragging out for days or even weeks aren't all that unlikely. already we've seen cutbacks to early voting cause extremely long lines in both ohio and florida. not all that comforting since florida is the very same state
4:00 am
wrapped in up the recount chaos 12 years ago. between vice president al gore and president george bush. this time around, ohio could cause problems, especially if the vote is close. recount rules vary state by state but the general rule of thumb that we're looking at here is if we see a margin of less than half a percentage point, we will also see a recount. now, where this issue gets tricky is when it comes to provisional ballots and we'll likely see more than 200,000 of those in ohio. many voters have been falsely notified. they're not properly registered and they will have to fill out a provisional ballot. and now that voters are filling out their information rather than pollers, we have a huge risk of typos errors, basically the system could incorrectly reject tens of thousands of legitimate ballots. if either candidate is winning by a large margin in ohio, this won't be a problem. but if we're looking at numbers in the low tens of thousands those provisional ballots will make a big difference. we'll be right back.
4:01 am
presents special election coverage, with unrivaled social media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen. all across america people are using lysol in hundreds of unexpected ways to help keep their homes healthy. ben's mom uses it around the bathtub, the last place where she wants to find mold. lysol disinfectant spray kills mold and unlike clorox clean-up it's approved to keep it from growing back for up to a week. join the mission for health. see how people everywhere are using lysol disinfectant spray and share your own story on facebook.
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>> announcer: broadcasting on your radio and tv, this is the "bill press show." >> bill: vicksville has already weighed in. it is a tie. 5 for mitt romney. 5 for barack obama. the polls are open in vermont and in new jersey, up and down the east coast. we're into it. election day 2012. hello, everybody. great to see you today. welcome, welcome. your election day starts right here with the "full court press" summing up what we've been through and pointing out where we are going. good to have you with us today. you can join the conversation. we really want to hear from you
4:05 am
today. in many different ways, right? you can give us a call. maybe that's the easiest way. 1-866-55-press. that's toll free number. on twitter, that's probably the easiest way. just go to at bp show and tweet us your comments. on facebook, or you can join the chat -- and in addition, you can join the chat room, go to click on the chat room and come on in with your friends and neighbors across the land, your fellow "full court pressers" and debate the issues. make it easier for you, we brought in karl frisch today from bullfight strategies. good friend here who has a certain position about a certain senate race in the state of wisconsin. >> fired up, ready to go! >> bill: hey karl, nice to see you. tammy baldwin fighting for wisconsin. >> that's right. i think we're going to pull that one off there in wisconsin. >> bill: we've had enough tommy thompson. he's not a bad guy. >> he's a bad guy.
4:06 am
anybody who would brag to a roomful of people and say oh, you guys if you want somebody who's going to get rid of medicare and medicaid, you go to this guy. anybody who would say anything remotely like that is a bad guy. >> bill: he didn't used to be that -- >> he was a fairly middle of the road governor but the tea party corrupts absolutely. ibm he was governor in 1890. >> 1890 to 1925. >> quite a long time. the wig party. >> now he just needs a wig. >> bill: we've got karl in here and regular team, as always, peter ogborn and dan henning. >> good morning. happy election day. >> bill: cyprian bowlding our videographer. phil backert has the phones. it is the day we've been waiting for and working toward. how do you feel about today karl? >> i feel good. and i approve this message. >> bill: you do? >> i think we're going to do well. i think the president's going to win re-election.
4:07 am
i'm pegging him at 303 electoral votes. >> bill: that's the question we're asking you today too. throughout the show. who do you think -- who do you think is going to win. not who do you want to win. who do you think is going to win honestly and how many electoral votes. other thing we're doing karl, we're remembering what a wild ride this has been. there have been some fun moments. >> my favorite reality show of the year was republican survivor. >> bill: last hour we played the great clip of newt gingrich calling for moon colonies. >> i've heard bain is looking to make an investment for one of the former leaders. >> bill: we also remember mitt romney making sure we all now knew how rich he was in this debate. >> romney: you know what? you've raised that before, rick. >> it was true then. it's true now. >> romney: rick, i'll tell you what. $10,000 bet? >> i'm not in the betting
4:08 am
business. >> romney: i've got the book. >> bill: you and i might say -- you want to bet a buck. >> a coke? a hot dog? >> $10,000 who pie a pair of my -- wouldn't buy a pair of my horse's shoes. >> every moment in a presidential debate is a good moment with rick perry. >> bill: yeah, right. and then we remember rick santorum. he does have this man on dog -- we know -- when it comes to anything gay. >> marriage is what marriage is. marriage existed before there was a government. it is like saying this glass of water is a glass of beer. it's a glass of water. and water is what water is. american is what marriage is. >> bill: why don't you understand that? >> rick santorum is a loser. but i will say rick santorum thinks about gay sex more than i do and i'm a gay man. [ laughter ] i just had four thoughts about
4:09 am
it right now. he had 12. [ laughter ] >> bill: he does seem -- >> i don't even wear sweater vests. [ laughter ] >> shut up! >> but yours is an homage for the stroll down memory lane. [ laughter ] >> bill: he does seem to have a fixation on gay sex doesn't he? >> if you could define his life in kansas, the only thing he accomplished in this entire campaign was fixing his google problem. so now when you google rick santorum -- by definition, only the third entry on google and not the first entry. it is also the fourth, fifth sixth, seventh eighth. >> all right. >> bill: all right. here we go. 11 minutes after the hour. yes, indeed. i want to talk about some of the senate races including tammy baldwin. the question to you peter you'll bring us up to date on
4:10 am
twitter. who do you think is going to win by how much? we'll do that. but first -- dan, what else is going on? nothing else is going on. >> if 7-eleven coffee sales are any indication, things are looking good for president obama. for the past several months, the convenience store chain has been giving customers a choice of what cup they buy their coffee in. a blue one that shows their support for obama a red one that shows their support for romney or just a plain white one. blue wins out 59% of 7-eleven customers. >> it is not a fair poll. have you tried the romney coffee? first of all it's bitter. second of all the aroma is stale and there's so much creamer in it, it is entirely white like the republican party. >> the networks have been showing large portions of president obama and mitt romney's final stump speeches recently but depends on where you look for exactly how much you see. the folks at media matters out with a new study showing fox news aired 27 minutes of the president making his case. last thursday through sunday and
4:11 am
the same time period, compared to 168 minutes of mitt romney's speeches over the same four days. msnbc showing 789 minutes of -- 79 minutes of obama speeches and 49 minutes of romney, cnn. >> that's fair. >> numbers have a liberal bias. shapes and letters. >> in hollywood brad pitt is an actor, director, political activist, cologne marketer and now a furniture designer. architectural digest reports he has teamed up with frank pillar row to design a dozen high-end furniture pieces including tables, chairs and a bed and he's been doodling ideas for furniture for years now. he's putting the drawings to work. the bed is a big one. it will fit his and angelina jolie's entire family all of them. two of them and all six of their children. >> how many electoral votes is that? >> bill: what i'm looking forward to. a brad pitt bed.
4:12 am
so your prediction again is barack obama -- >> 303 electoral votes. >> bill: that seems to be the magic number. politico that's what they're predicting. that's what i'm predicting. peter came up with 303. we should tell people, we've got the big -- "huffington post" has a great interactive map that you can pick your states. how they're going to go. come up with your total. i did it. 303 to 235. >> i actually had 290 248 for obama. >> bill: what are -- >> find that link on twitter at bpshow at bp show. we're also asking you to call your shot on twitter. 303 is a very popular number. val baby says i think obama wins with 303. one tweeter in boston says obama 303. jim asher, actually says 313 for obama. scott bierman says my wife is 42 and never voted until today.
4:13 am
my daughter is 19 and she's a first timer as well. we have three votes for obama so we're going to make it 332 obama. romney 206. carlos in maryland says my life partner, paul and i have already voted for obama. 303-235 is his prediction. >> you know, there is no nate silver lining to this thing. [ laughter ] these projections mean absolutely diddly if people listening at home right now do not get off their tails and go vote. you know, nate's predictions i take pretty seriously. i have for the last four years. we've been following this thing. a couple of days ago, he was at to 3. -- at 303. he's now at 314 for obama. with a 90% chance of winning. >> bill: 92% chance. >> with a little over 50% of the vote. those are all great things. but they don't mean anything. you know what happens on election day? today. if barack obama doesn't win because we didn't turn out the vote, then great.
4:14 am
nate silver's got a web site that's on the internet forever but we've got mitt romney in the white house measuring the drapes. >> bill: important to vote. and if you have any extra time today, important to get out and do whatever you can. just go to the nearest obama headquarters, they'll put you to work knocking on doors whatever. carol, my wife is going over to arlington, virginia today. she's already signed up. >> you can go to and you can find your polling place. they can put you to work. if you can't leave your home, they'll put you on the phones. you can go work in a headquarters. and when you go to, it actually zeros in on where you are dialing in from and gives you information specific to where you're from. it is pretty great. >> bill: tammy baldwin one of the most senate races in the country. i think tammy is going to win. >> i do, too. >> bill: great candidate. >> she hasn't been behind in any of the polls over the next -- since the democratic convention
4:15 am
really. they've gotten tighter. you know. i'm optimistic in large part because she was ahead by such a large margin for so long. >> bill: the polls have gotten tighter in wisconsin. we're going to talk to sherrod brown a little bit later. i think in -- next hour. tom harkin, we'll be talking to in iowa. karl you'll have a chance to talk to the senator. senate races the polls have gotten tighter because the super pacs have been pouring money knowing romney can't win -- pouring money into the senate races. >> they've already spent $400 million in this shadowy money. >> bill: whoa. republicans have a chance? >> no. it is probably the biggest squandered opportunity in politics of the cycle. clair mcclass kill for all intents and purposes is a gorn. she will probably get the reward for best run senate race.
4:16 am
she picked her opponent and then her opponent did the work for her. thank you. while she was being tenacious and working her way through this. so it looks like she's going to hold on. it looks like we're going to keep that senate seat in virginia and send george allen finally into retirement. and you know, race after race, it looks -- tammy baldwin is probably going to win. elizabeth warren is going to win. in race after race, we're doing -- >> bill: we mentioned sherrod brown. hold on to sherrod brown in ohio and the -- you mentioned virginia. shelly berkeley out in nevada. joe donnelly -- >> you know what? where were we two years ago in a horrible election year for democrats talking about harry reid who's going to lose and if he was going to win, he was only going to win with 46%. it has been nurtured and pruned and kind of grown and harvested over the last -- since really the '08 election with obama and
4:17 am
perfected in 2010. we'll see what it can do for shelley berkley in 2012. >> bill: todd akin's baby brother, richard mourdock -- >> i think that will be an upset. >> bill: the rape twins. i think we pick up indiana. >> god intended us to win that. >> bill: joe donnelly. >> god intended that. >> bill: he put richard mourdock there. >> i think we'll win there. we could conceive -- i'm not saying this is going to happen but i think there's a better shot that democrats will actually gain seats in the senate than it is that republicans could get the majority. >> bill: and you've mentioned that for the lgbt community this could be a big year. >> it's going to be a big year. if tammy baldwin wins the senate seat and i have every reason to believe she will -- >> bill: first openly gay u.s. senator, openly is the operative word -- not talking about
4:18 am
anybody -- >> very wide stance. you've got four current openly gay members of congress. tammy baldwin barney frank jerrod polis and frank is retiring, tammy is running for the senate. two op members of congress openly gay but we're poised to elect a bisexual woman in arizona. we could elect the nation's first gay man of color from riverside, california. those are two places that are not just -- it's not like west hollywood or the village. those are places that look like the rest of the country. and they'll be electing -- and probably -- you know, sean maloney in new york could win. we could see six or seven openly gay members of congress in the next congress. >> bill: plus three states affirmatively adopt marriage equality. >> maine, maryland and washington. >> bill: karl frisch in studio with us as a "friend of bill." your calls.
4:19 am
who do you think is going to win today by how many? we're talking about the presidency, by how many electoral votes? of course, the "full court press" on election day 2012. >> announcer: get out and vote! it's that simple. this is the "full court press." the "bill press show," on your radio and on current tv. the troops love me. >>only on current tv. dose of politics from a fresh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. >>only on current tv.
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only on current tv. vote smart. our democracy depends on an informed electorate. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." live on your radio and current >> bill: 25 minutes after the hour now. here we go on election day 2012. back to your calls about who do you think is going to win. first a little advice for those
4:23 am
of you looking to earn extra money and need some extra money at the end of each month. you ought to check out america's leading work from home business. this is something you can do no matter your age education or experience. you can literally earn money on your own computer from your own kitchen table 24/7. so if you're sick of living paycheck to paycheck, you're worried about job security or retirement, if your goal is to earn some extra money from home, part-time or full time, check it out. they're adding my listeners in record numbers even giving away $1,000 to somebody today just for checking them out. visit maybe mitt romney can check that out tomorrow. he'll need -- he'll have some extra time on his hands, that's for sure. peter, what are people -- what's the world -- twitter world saying? >> we're tweeting at bpshow at bpshow. our friend igor from think
4:24 am
progress tweeting us long line in front of me and behind me as we wait for the polls to open in d.c. this was earlier in the show. they opened at 7:00. he's listening to us right now to stay entertained, he says. hi igor. on the predictions lady liberty saying i'm going with nate's numbers. 314-223. fred wilder says i think obama's going to win with 310 electoral votes. nathan smith predicts president obama will win with 337 and carol lawton says obama 350. romney, who cares! so vote! >> bill: that's the message. >> i'm actually getting news in my ear that paul ryan is claiming he will complete election day in just shy of three hours. [ laughter ] >> bill: paul who? we haven't heard much about paul ryan. >> you know, bill, you've been in this game a long time. when you are not a popular candidate on the ticket, they tend to put you in like you're only doing radio and television
4:25 am
interviews in the states with no actual media exposure. they're not even doing that with him anymore. he would be lucky if he ended up on a hamm radio in riverside california. >> bill: i think he's still trick or treating with his daughter. >> he dressed as eddie munster. it is not a halloween costume. >> bill: judd legum will be joining us from think progress. we'll be talking to senator tom harkin from the key swing state of iowa. president obama out there again day before yesterday i think. if anybody could deliver iowa, it is barack obama or tom harkin. >> they can't do it without your vote. >> bill: exactly. so important. we have no patience for anybody who says it's not important to vote. i can't think of a more important election than this one. >> no. >> bill: we'll be right back. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show."
4:26 am
presents special election coverage, with unrivaled social media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen.
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4:30 am
>> announcer: chatting with you live at this is the "bill press show." >> bill: 33 minutes after the hour now on this election day 2012. it is close. tied, would you believe it in new hampshire. tied 5-5. >> but the president cleaned romney's clock in locations. 23 votes to nine, i think something like that. >> bill: is that in new hampshire, too? >> it is one of those -- in the same ballpark as dixville notch. >> sounds like an insurmountable lead. >> bill: karl frisch is here as a "friend of bill." we welcome back judd legum from
4:31 am
think progress. tuesdays with judd we call it around the "full court press." judd, good to see you. >> good to see you bill. >> bill: we have enjoyed the flashbacks to this primary season that you -- think progress has provided. some of the great moments like the moon colony, newt gingrich. >> so many. >> bill: top of this hour, we played rick santorum comparing marriage equality to a glass of water, a glass of beer, whatever. but more serious stuff i've got an article in front of me, judd legum wrote this article. why the lines are so long in florida and ohio. we heard a lot about complaints about attempts to -- looks like disrupt or steal the election in both states. what's going on? >> well -- >> bill: you've had a lot of comments and e-mail. >> dramatic pictures over the weekend of enormous lines that -- it is really almost inspiring people would wait in a line like that. >> bill: i couldn't believe the lines in florida. >> it looked like a romney rally in pennsylvania where you're not allowed to leave until you get frostbite.
4:32 am
>> there is a reason why we see those lines. both in florida and ohio, they've drastically cut back the time to early vote as compared to 2008. so in florida in 2008, there were 14 days. now there are eight days. so when you have -- when you cut down the time and there's a lot of people who want to get out to vote, the lines become longer. >> bill: did the same thing in ohio. >> same thing in ohio. they cut back the hours. fairly substantially. and if you remember, you see the long lines this weekend the secretary of state there for months and in court was trying to eliminate these three days completely. the saturday, sunday, monday before the election and the only reason that we had -- be he took it all the way to the supreme court and still lost. so there almost wasn't any opportunity. >> on the weekend voting before election day, for people who might not know it it is a traditional thing in the african-american community. you go to church and then you go out to vote with everybody that
4:33 am
you know. >> bill: souls to the polls which they call it. i think it is great. this is also from think progress related. ohio governor, kasich, admits his administration's policy could delay election results. what other damage are they planning on? >> there is going to be an extraordinary number of provisional ballots in ohio. one of the reasons is they decided this year they were going to send everyone an application for an absentee ballot. and then if you request one from one of those applications but then decide at the last minute well, i'm not going to throw out my absentee ballot. i'm going to go to the polling place, you have to file a provisional ballot because they're worried that perhaps -- >> bill: you voted twice. >> you voted twice. so that in addition to the provisional ballots for people who don't show up on the rolls for some reason, there might be 200,000 in total. so if you find a margin tonight of 10, 20, 30,000 votes in ohio,
4:34 am
this thing could -- this thing could drag on for weeks. by law they don't start counting the provisional ballots until the 17th of november. won't even touch them by law. and so -- and then there are a number of problems with how they're counting. just on friday, the secretary of state put out an order that says the i.d. that you have to show to get a provisional ballot, you do have to show some kind of i.d., it's the voter's responsibility to fill out that part of the provisional ballot affidavit correctly. if they don't, you have to throw out the vote. now, under state law it says that's the election -- poll workers duty and there is a lot of -- >> somebody who during the course of an election, even if they get the first couple wrong they're doing is it so often they're going to be a pro halfway through the morning. >> it is unclear how many provisional ballots that could end up invalidating.
4:35 am
it is already the subject of a court hearing voting rights advocates have filed suit on this. they did it late friday. and they're going to have the hearing on wednesday. hopefully this will all be moot because we'll have a clear winner tonight. but there is, in the scenario of a close election, where it's close in ohio and ohio is the determining factor, that this could really stretch on. a very long -- >> bill: unbelievable. it just makes you wonder how many different ways, right can they come up with to screw up this election? >> katherine harris. >> john husted in ohio. >> bill: this is shades of 2000 all over again right? >> he's probably spent more time in court defending his decisions in the last year, stupid, overtly partisan decisions. >> bill: suppress the vote. >> than he spent in his own
4:36 am
office. >> it's been early voting. it's been this provisional ballot. he actually dismissed several election officials county election officials when they voted to have early voting on this last weekend. because he had issued an order saying no early voting. and he literally kicked them out of office. because they disobeyed his order which, as it turns out, was illegal. the court said you can't do this because there's no reason for it. so it's been -- it's been interesting and certainly nobody should have to stand in the line for six or seven hours to vote. that shouldn't be what's required. >> but if you do mind yourself standing in line for six or seven hours today, remember if you're in line before the polls close, do not get out of line. you have a right to vote no matter what anybody else tells you. >> bill: no matter how -- >> no matter how long you get there. if you get there one minute before the election is over and
4:37 am
have to wait in line for an hour and a half or two or three hours, they cannot tell you can't vote. >> there are people who did that in florida this weekend. they showed up at the early voting sites they closed at 7:00 p.m. and they voted at 1:00 a.m. because that's when -- because -- and hats off to them for being so committed to stay there. until 1:00 a.m. >> bill: i salute anybody who would stand in line -- i must admit because i vote absentee. it is easy. i wonder if i would stand in line for five hours to vote. >> hats off to the poll workers. >> bill: i would get so pissed off but i might get so frustrated. >> hats off to the poll workers too. one thing we don't talk about really is the kind of state-sponsored voter suppression we've got in this country. whether it's not having enough polling places to service the number of voters that require people to wait in line for six hours, running out of ballots having fewer polling places in urban areas than you do in suburban areas, all of those
4:38 am
different things. you meet the people that work in your local polling place they're there every election cycle. they work their tails off. they're there all day long in a lot of places and they don't have the resources to do their jobs properly. >> we need to invest in our election infrastructure. in miami decade, you had people -- in miami-dade, people six or seven hours they just built taxpayer funded, a beautiful new stadium for the miami marlins. that's fine. people enjoy baseball. we can have a nice stadium but we should take a little bit of that money and make sure that people have enough polling places and enough resources where they can vote and vote in an efficient way because that's the -- that's the whole ball game. >> bill: absolutely. so judd, what you're saying is that -- we've heard from a lot of people today yesterday who were really worried about ohio. really worried about republican attempts to suppress, to squash, to steal the vote in ohio. what you're saying is they should be worried. >> i think in a close election, yeah. and this is going -- it will
4:39 am
definitely hit the courts because there's going to be some real questions about which of these provisional ballots are going to be counted. there's also problems with the database that they're using just to validate it to say this is a registered voter that we have here. they've already had problems with the absentee ballots with this. they acknowledge there was a computer glitch. this is the same database. >> bill: we need to make sure the margin for president obama in ohio, if you're in ohio, get out and vote. vote vote. don't miss it. vote for obama. make sure all of your friends and neighbors -- >> six-digit margin shouldn't be a problem. >> polling place at >> bill: keep mentioning that. it is important that you do. on the most important issue of all, judd, i understand this is going to be your last visit with us for a few weeks because you are going on paternity leave. >> bill: that's correct. >> thank you very much. >> bill: tell us.
4:40 am
is this your first? >> my first. it will be a boy. >> bill: a boy. due when? >> one week from today. >> bill: doesn't look like he's expecting. >> thank you. >> bill: congratulations. hey, we're proud of you. happy for you and your family. >> thanks, bill. >> bill: bring him in. >> sure, absolutely. >> first media appearance. booking them early bill. >> bill: check it out. no better site for what's happening in the political world here and around the country. we're going to come back and talk to senator tom harkin from iowa. we'll be right back on the "full court press." >> announcer: blue states, red states swing states, we're covering them all on radio and current tv. this is the "bill press show." ...but i'm a woman. dose of politics from a fresh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me.
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4:44 am
>> announcer: this is the "full court press." the "bill press show" live on your radio and on current tv. >> bill: all right. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. karl frisch from bullfight strategies here in studio this election day 2012. karl here as a "friend of bill." a friend of all of us, you know, too often our elected officials let us down, nobody's perfect. you know. but here's a guy that never lets us down. never lets us down. you're a progressive you're a liberal, we can always count on him on every single issue we've been able to do so for many years. my favorite of all of the u.s. senators senator tom harken from iowa joining us this morning. senator, good to have you back.
4:45 am
>> bill, nice to hear your voice. i can't tell you how much i appreciate you and your program and just getting the good progressive word out there. >> bill: you're very kind. we want everybody to know you're joining us this morning from your hometown of cumming iowa. i'm told. population 350. now, senator i grew up in a small town in delaware. delaware city, delaware. we had 1200 people. i thought that was small. >> yeah. you know what kind of town i come from. just a small town. in fact, bill, i bet i'm the only person you know who can say this. i live in the house in which i was born. >> bill: no kidding. wow! >> i guess i'm too conservative, bill. [ laughter ] >> bill: i don't know that many people. it is not surprising to any of us that president obama on the last day of this campaign, the last campaign day of his life chose to end it in the state of iowa. because that's the state that propelled him initially all the way to the white house.
4:46 am
tell us about it last night. how did it go and how do you think he's going to do in iowa? >> it was a great turnout. the fire department's reporting about 20,000 people showed up. it was incredible! i mean it was right by the state capitol and the streets were just packed with people. and i'll tell you then fired up and ready to go. >> bill: i'll bet. >> president gave -- well, kind of an emotional speech. i'm sure there are a lot of memories coming back to him. but it was just -- it was -- he and the first lady were there and you could just -- you could just feel the intensity of this crowd. and how much they love barack obama. >> bill: did he have any voice left? >> he has a little. little raspy though. >> bill: i'll bet! >> started sounding like bill clinton's voice a little bit. [ laughter ] >> did he say that he would be with us until the last dog died? >> he didn't quite say that. but he did -- he did basically make it very clear that he was tough. he was determined and we were
4:47 am
going to win this race today and he was going to keep us moving forward. it was a very powerful speech. >> bill: and you know, senator, he has a special affection for the people of iowa. and do you think those six electoral votes will be in obama's camp? >> i do. bill, i'll tell you this. we've had a great ground game and not only in iowa but that's been one of the secrets of the whole campaign -- >> bill: absolutely. >> let me just give you what i just found out this morning when i first got up, that we have an early vote advantage -- these are the absentee ballots already come in and we know how many democrats have come in and we know how many republicans have come in. we have an early vote advantage of -- are you ready for this? 127,531. >> bill: wow! >> 613,000 votes have been cast out of about 1.5 million here in the state of iowa. we're really feeling good about our ground game. >> bill: that's about half of
4:48 am
the votes that have come in absentee. >> about 40% already in. >> senator, this is karl frisch. of course, i want to thank you for your hard work in the senate health committee, investigating the for-profit colleges. i thought it was probably the most important investigation in the senate this year. and we need more democrats in the senate to make sure there's more of those types of investigations. what do you think is going to happen in the senate? >> well, i think just from calling around and talking to my fellow senators, we have 53 now. i think we'll have a minimum of 53 when we come out of this and quite frankly with a lucky -- one lucky break we'll have 54 and with a couple of lucky breaks we'll have 55. i think the senate is going to be in democratic hands and you know, i don't want to go into the thing on for-profit schools but these scam artists we're going to continue our investigation. we have some more things to come
4:49 am
out on this. >> bill: good, good. >> we've just gotta stop them from ripping off our poor kids across the country. >> bill: absolutely. you and i have talked about it on the show. we will talk about that again. some important senate races. 55 is still not filibuster-proof, of course. senator, one of the things you and i have talked about is some reform of the whole filibuster process and i hope you're going to go after that again when you come back. >> well, one of the first meetings i'm going to be having with the president sometime within the next couple of weeks is we're going to be talking about reforming the senate rules and doing away with the filibuster, changing it so that we don't have a handful of people who can just stop everything. i tell you that anachronistic old filibuster has got to go. >> bill: absolutely. i know the american people -- i think the american people across the board would agree with you on that. >> let's be honest. haven't the republicans used the filibuster enough for at least
4:50 am
six or seven senates in the last two years? >> i would point out -- lyndon johnson in all of his years as a majority leader, vice president president, all of the great bills passed, voting rights act civil rights, medicare, medicaid, he only had one filibuster. >> bill: wow! >> since 2007, since the democrats took over, we've had over 342 filibusters. >> that's more filibusters than any time in history. >> any time in history. so what they're doing is they're just stopping everything. we can't permit that to keep going. >> bill: amen. one quick question. christie vilsack good friend of ours. steve king, such a loser. how's that looking for christie? >> i think the king is going to be dethroned. [ laughter ] >> this is a great race. she's done everything right. tough district. but boy i tell ya, i think people have now seen that they don't want anymore of that right wing nut rhetoric and all of
4:51 am
that kind of stuff. they want someone who is going to work hard for them. christie -- i think she'll pull that out today. it will be very close. >> bill: so great for you to join us on election day today senator. i know is a busy day for you. go get 'em. you've got a lot of work to do. we'll see you back here shortly. >> when we make the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes so we can get our house back in order again. >> bill: you got it, senator tom harkin from iowa. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." and i want new cooling relief! ugh. how do you feel? now i'm cold. hmm. this is a better choice. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. ahhh. not just a sensation sensational relief.
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start you morning with a daily dose of politics from a fresh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. >>only on current tv. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: all of the latest from the 2012 election, this is the "bill press show." >> bill: okay. so, so far this morning we have
4:54 am
enjoyed talking to a member of the president's cabinet. labor secretary hilda solis and united states senator senator tom harkin. in the next hour, as well as other guests, judd legum and heather smith and karl frisch and in the next hour, david catanese from politico and senator sherrod brown from ohio and then dr. larry sabato from the university of virginia. and on the president's schedule today -- [ laughter ] >> bill: kick back. rest up his voice. maybe go out to lunch. too cold to play a little golf in chicago. he's in chicago. he's just resting up for the big victory party tonight at maccormac place this evening. together with the first lady and with vice president biden and dr. jill biden. we'll be back and you tell us who you think is going to win tonight. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show."
4:55 am
4:56 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> bill: here it is. election day 2012. november 6th tuesday, the day you've been waiting for and working toward. this is it. it all comes together today and boy, i don't know about you. but i don't believe there's ever been an election with more at stake in my lifetime. for sure. everything is at stake. everything we believe in. everything we care about. every body we care about. everything we've worked for. and we've won over the years. it's all up for grabs this election day. we either go forward in the same direction with barack obama or we go backward and lose it all
4:57 am
with mitt romney. that's the choice. that's why it is important to get out and vote, vote, vote and work work, work. right up until the polls close. we'll tell you how to do it and where to do it and all we can tell you about it right here on the "full court press." but first, we'll check in with lisa ferguson out in los angeles for today's current news update. hi, lisa. good morning. >> hey bill, good morning everyone. polls are opening up right now across the country and here is a guide to help get you through the day. in most states, like colorado, you do not have to show a photo identification. while staff might ask for a picture i.d., they are also required to accept other identification like utility bills, bank statements and a paycheck. pennsylvania's voter i.d. law did pass but it's also postponed. so you won't have to show voter i.d. there either. photo i.d. that is. in fact, according to the national conference of state legislatures, only four states have strict picture i.d. laws.
4:58 am
that would be kansas, indiana tennessee and georgia. if you need to know exactly what you'll need today before going to the polls, you can find a great state by state list at it is easy to get wrapped up in the presidential race but voters are also dealing with 174 state ballot questions today. thinkprogress picked out some of the most important issues where we could see a policy change and here are a few of those. undocumented immigrants in michigan could soon become eligible for in-state tuition. voters will decide on the marriage equality in maine maryland and washington. marijuana could be legalized in colorado oregon and washington. bad news for unions in california. they could lose their power to collect membership money to pay for political activities. that's thanks to prop 32 which does nothing for corporate money or citizens united. more bill is coming up after the break. and i'll be here again with you tomorrow. hopefully with some election results. we'll see you then.
4:59 am
presents special election coverage, with unrivaled social media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen.
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5:02 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation on your radio >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv, this is the "bill press show." >> bill: the polls are open and about half of the country -- in about half of the country and the first result are in from new hampshire, they're tied. 5-5. and in hart's location, new hampshire, president obama beating mitt romney 23 votes to 9 votes with two votes for gary johnson, the libertarian candidate. >> coming on strong. coming on strong. >> bill: there you go. here we are election day 2012. good to see you everybody. thank you so much for joining
5:03 am
us. your election day starts right here on the "full court press." find out what's going on. then you can go out and vote or go out and vote and come back and check in with us. let us know how it's going. we're coming to you live from our nation's capital all across this great land of ours on the day that we show what great americans we are by participating in the electoral process and voting. so important to do so. whichever way you vote, important to get out and vote today. and join the conversation here on the "full court press." any way you can. give us a call at 1-866-55-press. that's our toll free number. go to twitter and tweet us your comments at bpshow on facebook, join us, or go in the chat room. it is very, very busy today of course with people all across the country. go to join the chat room. talk about the issues and the candidates and what do you think is going to happen today? that's our question for you. what do you think is going to
5:04 am
happen today? not what you want to happen. what do you think is going to happen today? who's going to win? how many electoral votes? again, give us a call. tweet us or go on to join us, to look at the political landscape this first half hour, david catanese is political reporter with politico. good to see you. >> happy election day. >> bill: you've got it covered. >> absolutely. >> bill: we'll talk about the president, senate, house races. our team is here. peter ogborn, dan henning. >> we didn't get the day off to go vote, huh? i'm kidding. we're getting out of here a little early. >> bill: you're done in another hour. you have the whole day. >> i'm kidding. >> bill: until 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> i'll be there if i have to. >> bill: take a sandwich. >> bill: cyprian bowlding, our videographer. phil backert has the phones
5:05 am
covered. it is also a day to look back and before we get into -- this primary has been -- >> think progress went through and collected for us some of the highlights of this election 2012. who will ever forget newt gingrich's -- the most important plank in his platform? >> we will have the first permanent base on the moon and it will be american. >> bill: there it is. the moon colony. >> you gotta love newt. he made it so interesting. imagine newt not in the primaries. i think it would have been a lot -- >> bill: crowd down there they applauded that like we're going to spend $100 million. this is where the money would come from. we have to raise taxes to pay for it. silly season. as it was in the last -- i think it was the last debate when mitt romney came up with one of the lines that will live forever
5:06 am
from this campaign 2012. >> romney: we took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. i went to a am in of women's groups and sid can you help us find folks. they brought us whole binders full of women. >> binders full of women. >> which made halloween costumes a lot easier i heard. >> bill: dan's mother actually went as a binder full of women. >> she did. >> between big bird and bayonets and binders full of women, there there were some great halloween costumes. >> bill: not to mention romnesia. david catanese here with us. and you don't forget who is -- who do you think is going to win by how much, peter? >> a lot of people are saying 303 is the number for obama. that's what we're seeing on twitter. a follow-up story to our schedule for the president today, we have confirmation on what he will be doing. he will be playing basketball. he is playing basketball today. he sent an e-mail around.
5:07 am
robert gibbs confirmed it. he's asked reggie love, his former -- robert gibbs trying to organize a pickup basketball game in chicago for today. gibbs said they didn't play pick up basketball in 2008, the day of the primary election in new hampshire. that's the one he lost to hillary clinton. so it is good luck now basketball on election day. >> bill: is gibbs playing? >> gibbs is playing. >> bill: there you go. all right. yeah. that's a good way to spend a few hours, right? >> not letting biden play. >> he's a mean power forward. >> that's malarchy. >> bill: senator sherrod brown will be joining us and labry sab -- larry sabato from the university of virginia. jam-packed hour here. but first -- >> this is the "full court press." >> other headlines making news, the quab quarterback of president obama's favorite team announced who he's voting for and it stings a little for the president. jay cutler qb for the chicago
5:08 am
bears said it is a touchy subject. he's been following the campaigns but he lives in tennessee and he's voting for mitt romney. >> bill: thanks you get to have the president support you and stab him in the back. >> the president who last night said the bears are going to the super bowl. the cast of the jersey shore is set to help the region that gave the hit mtv show its name. >> bill: it should. >> snooki, the situation and the rest of the gang will get together for a restore the shore special on mtv later this month. they'll raise money to help rebuild seaside heights the town destroyed where the show is based. >> i'm going to guess you take help from wherever you get it but -- >> bill: no. there is a certain pride in the jersey shore. >> yeah. >> from new jersey. >> you're from new jersey? >> absolutely. >> so you would take the help from snooki. >> absolutely. they should be. they made that kind of money off of -- four seasons there.
5:09 am
>> bill: good point. >> they should give back a little bit and do what they can. >> the new ipad and ipad mini tablets are hot sellers. apple announcing it sold three million new tablets in just the first three days. they didn't break down the specifics of the two tablets but said the minute in is are -- minis are sold out for now. it will take two weeks to get one shipped if you order a new ipad mini today. >> bill: you and i peter both said we're not interested. >> i have zero interest. >> people can't get enough of the apple products. they love them. can't wait. >> bill: i bought my new iphone 5 the very first day. i see you don't have one david. oh, you got -- >> he's got the blackberry and the iphone. >> bill: all right. let's start with the white house. we were -- this morning, i ran through some of the predictions david. larry sabato is going to join us
5:10 am
later. university of virginia. really good at this stuff. 290, obama he predicts. need 270, of course to win. 248 for romney. nate silver, "new york times," 314 for obama. 223 for romney. and politico, your publication -- >> yes. >> bill: 303 for obama. 235 for obama. you go along with that? you probably did it. >> no, no, no. but i'm in the range of -- just over 300 votes. i think some of the toughest states to call will be some of the earliest states. virginia and florida. the last tracking polls coming out of there. very tight. one, two points. i think the obama campaign is least confident about florida of all of the battlegrounds but there is a possibility that ohio may not matter very early tonight. we get a signal out of virginia. remember polls close in virginia at 7:00 p.m. they count pretty quickly. in the commonwealth.
5:11 am
if obama's able to win in virginia, it is basically game over. we may not know that but virginia's going to be very important. it is the first big battleground state and it comes in pretty early. we'll start getting results so -- >> bill: ohio close at 8:00 p.m. is that right? >> that's right. an hour later. >> bill: by 8:00, think about it. i didn't realize virginia closed at 7:00. by 8:00, if you look at -- in the first round of poll closings we'll have virginia, florida, new hampshire north carolina, at least parts of north carolina, i think all of north carolina. yeah, all of north carolina. and ohio, right? >> in the next hour will be ohio >> bill: ohio is eastern time, isn't it? i think? >> but i think it's 8:00. >> they'll close at 8:00. >> bill: i'm talking about 8:00. >> yes. >> bill: polls in most states stay open until 8:00. requiring is a little early. by 8:00, we'll have
5:12 am
significant -- we could know by 8:00. politico is saying we'll know by 11:00 for sure. >> the ones that the obama folks were saying last night is rural virginia comes in first. so don't get panicked when you see a big romney lead in the beginning and then they'll count northern virginia which will be much better for obama. so -- but i think -- you know, i think you could know -- between -- >> bill: between 8:00 and 9:00. 10:00 and 11:00. >> we could know. if this is razor thin, we won't. but if it starts to break like a nate silver who says it is a 91% chance, he's in that batch where we'll know between 10:00 and 11:00. >> bill: please don't let it be an all night thing. >> we have to get up early. we're really open for an early night. but i don't know -- at some point, there was a chance, people were wondering maybe this is something we will not know the next morning but it is looking less and less like
5:13 am
that's the situation. >> the question in ohio, i know -- because some people are voting -- there's a lot of provisional ballots there and what i've read is that if it is razor thin in ohio, the secretary of state was talking about this yesterday. you know it could -- then you'll have challenges for weeks and weeks. but it has to be very, very close for that to happen. if one of them is winning by one, two, three points there probably not going to matter. >> bill: just a factoid there. judd legum from think progress was in the last hour. they said there could be as many as 200,000 provisional ballots. and by law, they don't even start counting them until november 17. >> there you go. so we don't want that to happen. >> bill: if president obama wins by 303 or a little over 300, whatever the number would be, then he also wins the popular vote or could that go the other way? >> i think if he's over 300 electoral votes i think it's
5:14 am
most likely that he has won the popular vote. i think when it gets hairy is you're separating -- when you're in the 270 to 260 whatever that is. that's when you get a little hairy and you're talking about the flipping of percentage in one state like in ohio or a florida or pick the state. but you know, that -- if you had a split can you imagine what this country would go through. remember, bush versus gore. the polarization, the illegitimacy that people on the left felt regarding the president would be flipped. if obama did win that and can you imagine what -- there would probably be little of a mandate. you're likely to still have a republican house and a democratic senate. everything would stay the same. yet it would be like we went through all of this to get more polarized and not get a true answer. >> bill: got it. >> if you had that -- >> bill: so for p.o.t.u.s.,
5:15 am
the white house things look good. not in the bag for sure but looking good. feeling good for president obama. you cover politico, the whole waterfront. what about the united states senate? tom harkin told us in the last hour, he thinks they now have 53 democrats. tom harkin from iowa thinks they'll definitely have 53, maybe 54 and if they really are lucky, 55. >> i think 55 is pushing it. in my projections, this is where i -- sort of my bread and butter in my political projections on the senate i have no net change. i have it 53 democrats 47 republicans. i think the democrats pick up a possibility of three seats maine, massachusetts -- >> bill: you're counting angus king as a democrat. >> i think that he'll caucus -- he's never said, remember, he's sort of played it -- he's kept his cards to himself. but i think he wants to be in the majority. what's the point of going to the senate for maine. i think dems will have the majority. >> bill: so maine,
5:16 am
massachusetts, elizabeth warren. >> i think elizabeth warren goes and i think the third -- and this is the toughest one to call because in talking to operatives as late as last night they think it could go either way is joe donnelly, a surprise in indiana over richard mourdock by the slimmest of margins. problem there for the democrats is mitt romney's probably going to get between 53, 55% indiana. but remember what richard mourdock's late comments about rape and abortion, got him into a ton of hot water. so he lost his lead there and is in a fight. >> bill: you have claire mccaskill holding on. >> but closer than people think. i think -- i don't think she's going to blow it out of the water. it could be just a few points. missouri is going to go hard against president obama. >> bill: it has become more and more of a red state. >> there are always of the people who will say there's no way i'm going to vote for him because of his comments on rape but when they're alone in the polls, in the voting booth they'll go with him.
5:17 am
>> what's the drop-off? i think a lot of women will not vote for senate republican women but can't vote for mccaskill. >> bill: one important senate race in ohio, senator sherrod brown will be joining us at the half hour here on the full court press. we'll come back and let's take a look at the house david when we come back. david catanese from politico and again, we want to hear from you as to who do you think is going to win tonight by how many electoral votes? 1-866-55-press. >> announcer: get out and vote! it's that simple. this is the "full court press." the "bill press show" on your radio and on current tv. >>i believe people are hungry for it. >>bill shares his views, now it's your turn. >>i know you're going to want to weigh in on these issues. >>connect with "full court press with bill press"
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>> announcer: this is the "bill press show." live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: joe cirincione is our guest from the ploughshares fund on the "full court press." joe, never have enough time. >> bill: senator sherrod brown from ohio will be re-elected today. he will be joining us at the top of the next hour. in studio with us, david catanese from politico. dade we have been -- david we talk senate, we talk presidential what about the house? an uphill battle. democrats need 25 -- pick up 25 to take control of the house. is it going to happen? >> it's not going to happen. always a tough road to get there. >> bill: couldn't you say maybe it is -- it is unlikely it will happen? >> you want me to hedge? you want me to hedge. >> bill: say what you think man. >> i think it's tough. the question is whether they'll pick up a few seats. republicans think they could pick up actually a few seats
5:22 am
now. >> bill: really? >> some republicans who think that. i don't think there is going to be a big net change either way. i'm talking about three to five seats either way. one thing that did -- happen is president obama, he was a huge lift to a lot of house candidates in 2008. it has not been the case this time and many of the battleground districts house members are he's a drag on the ticket. rust belt states and southern states. where there are competitive races. he's a drag on the democrats. the medicare issue did not resonate the way they thought it was going to with paul ryan on the ticket. and the redistricting factor where republicans, because they control a lot of the state houses, every ten years they redraw the maps due to population. the republicans have the advantage there so they got to draw seats that were better for them than for their democratic counter parts. >> bill: there were some who said -- again, the votes are not in yet and this may be a
5:23 am
conversation we should have tomorrow. but there were some who said that with paul ryan on the ticket once paul -- putting paul ryan on the ticket, democrat would take the house. >> bill: it wasn't as big of an issue as they thought. there were a lot of strategies on both sides. even republicans were worried about this. medicare issue. it never materialized and basically ended up a wash in a lot of these districts. >> bill: yeah. if it doesn't happen, it means democrats blew an opportunity in my humble opinion. at any rate. david, time goes so fast. really good to have you in studio. come back again soon. we can analyze the results for the next two years and then we'll start into the next presidential -- >> next presidential starts wednesday. >> bill: it does. we're already speculating. senator sherrod brown coming up next on the "full court press."
5:24 am
presents special election coverage, with unrivaled social media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen.
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>> bill: it is the "full court press" covering the senate races, the house races we're back to one of the most important races in the country. this caught my eye a story out of boston where a major bank had to tell its customers that two of their unencrypted computer back-up tapes containing extensive customer information including social security numbers and bank account numbers were lost in transit. whoa. that's got identity theft
5:29 am
written all over it. folks, a good reminder that you need some protection against it. i've got it with lifelock ultimate, the most comprehensive i.d. theft protection ever made. even includes your bank accounts but of course, it can't protect you or your bank account if you're not a member. call today and mention press 60 for 60 risk-free days of lifelock ultimate identity theft protection. if you're not happy, give them another call within 60 days, cancel. they'll give you a full refund. see for details and give them a call at 800-356-5967 for lifelock ultimate. 1-800-356-5967. speaking about that most important senate race, it is the state of ohio. our friend, senator sherrod brown up for re-election and senator sherrod brown thanks for joining us again today. >> good to be back bill. sorry i'm not in the studio but
5:30 am
had to be somewhere else. >> bill: hey you are where you ought to be and senator we just want you to know that we're one of the millions and millions of americans who are so excited by the internet sensation of the day and that is sherrod brown rockin' out at the jay-z concert last night. >> when i woke up and somebody sent me a tweet from chicago actually sent it to me before my wife went online. this has gone crazy. i was just mortified because i didn't know what it looked like. could have been worse. my wife and daughter look pretty good. i look passable, i guess. i don't know. >> you look better than any of us could have done. >> bill: you're in the crowd there. >> it was pretty cool. my daughter just loves jay-z. i can't say i'm a big fan but i've met him for like 30 seconds. really nice guy. these guys are willing to give their time and they don't charge for this and you know, they believe in this mission and you know, they help to draw a crowd. bruce springsteen has been doing it forever as you know. he lives here in ohio.
5:31 am
you know, his message is -- these guys, they both were working class kids, they grew up. had great talent and in a great country where your talent can sometimes bring riches like that. and they really put back into their country. you have to admire that. >> bill: i do. i admire them for it. i admire the campaign you've run. i was talking to a couple of good friends yesterday who were out there in ohio helping out. you have worked your butt off for this thing. how is it looking? >> it is looking good. you never know. i'm optimistic. a couple of things have happened here. the unemployment rate, right after we passed the auto rescue, president reminded me yesterday i talked to him for three minutes, how unpopular the auto rescue was when we did it. even in ohio. and it is -- it has been spectacularly successful. i think that's not too strong an adverb. the unemployment rate in ohio, when the auto rescue took hold, the unemployment rate was over 10.5% and now it is 7%. that's not everything. it is not enough yet.
5:32 am
it is not only auto. it is trade enforcement and other things. we're clearly going in the right direction. that's why the president i think is going to win here and why we're doing okay. >> bill: the money keeps pouring in from the super pacs. what's the latest count? >> go ahead sorry. >> bill: the latest count. every time we talk to you it's higher and higher. >> $31 million on tv and radio. we figure another $7 or $8 or $9 million to everything from yard signs to billboards and consult acts and polling and stuff they do. we figure about $40 million more than any senate race ever and you know, the problem is -- you know, it is a problem for me. who cares about that. it is a problem for voters and not knowing where this money comes from. we figure it is oil companies. we figure it is wall street. we figure it is these companies that outsource jobs because they don't like guys like bill press and sherrod brown. they spend money to defeat us. that's the way it is. i'm a big boy. i stand up to it but this is not good for our country to have
5:33 am
billionaires and large corporate interests being able to try to buy elections because they're going to be successful too often, more often than not i'm afraid. i don't think they'll be successful in ohio this year but it can't be good for our democracy to see that kind of money spent. plus, when they try to suppress voters on the other end. >> bill: i was just going to get to that point. there is a lot of concern as you know, senator in -- inside ohio and outside of ohio about attempts to suppress the vote on part of your secretary of state. then the latest with -- cutting down the early voting which wasn't successful i guess. now the provisional ballots and governor kasich yesterday admitted that using the provisional ballots could delay the outcome in ohio. >> delay the outcome and then there's court action on -- there's legal action on every ballot because they'll challenge if the ballot was cast in a democratic party of town, you know they'll challenge it. we have hundreds and hundreds of lawyers that are volunteers that have come to ohio -- live in ohio that have volunteered because they are as outraged as
5:34 am
you are that -- the moral debauchery of trying to block people's voting rights. that's really what they're doing. in working class neighborhoods without early voting, you gotta wait longer at the polls. i heard someone say that. if that's a form of poll tax. obviously it's not except that working class voters oftentimes, they gotta pick their child up from day care. they don't have the time to stand in line for an hour and a half. so they leave. and you know, that's clearly another kind of voter suppression. it's not -- it's not the grandfather clause, whatever it was called. it's not the kinds of stuff they did in the south. it is pretty bad and it is morally reprehensible to attack anybody's voting rights and this crowd has tried to do it. >> bill: they tried to do it. in any way right? with the voter i.d., with the early voting and now with the provisional ballots. >> what they often do, too, is they change the rules with the secretary of state directives.
5:35 am
this is way -- they change the rules enough to confuse people. when are the polls open? can we vote on sunday? i don't know. now we can't. the more confusion there is, the more it hurts and depresses turnout of people that are less educated. people that -- they're college educated, live in the suburbs have a white collar job and particularly if they're their own boss, they can always find time but it is the working class voter that -- the poor voter that's got a difficult life to begin with. especially more troubled by that. >> bill: senator, you were secretary of state correct? >> i was in the '80s. i see the games they play. >> bill: i'll bet -- i know you well enough to know your priority was the opposite. how can we make it easier and simpler for people to vote? this guy's methodology seems to be how can we shut down as many votes as we can? >> we encourage local -- we got the mcdonald's corporation believe it or not to print up registration forms on tray liners oh the paper on your
5:36 am
tray. you can actually eat at mcdonald's then fill out the registration form. >> bill: eat a big mac and vote at the same time. >> america! >> it was not a democratic/republican thing. it was everything from the unemployment office to mcdonald's to your utility bills. so people felt like they were more part of the system. these guys, you know, they know if you can -- if you can buy the election on one end and suppress the vote on the other you're 3/4 of the way home, even with a candidate as flawed as mitt romney. that's the game they've played. >> bill: now you know that state better than anybody senator. what time do your polls close and when are we going to know? >> polls close at 7:30. i don't know. i think the president's ahead but i'm not -- i worry a little bit -- which are more than a little about what happens with the vote count. i'm not paranoid. i don't think they're going to steal it but i think they suppress votes place after place. i worry about the provisional ballots. what the challenge is. just don't want a lot of lawyers on either side working after election day counting votes
5:37 am
because something can be amiss. and you know, we've got to deal with that. we've got to deal with citizens united. i said on this show and you've helped me with this. we have a petition with about 450,000 signatures of people who want to see a constitutional amendment. my web site, come on and sign up there. other senators are working with us to do this. and this is -- this is important for our democracy. forget about my race this year or any other race this year. this is a long-term issue. >> bill: we've got citizens united to deal with. still more on the jobs front. we've got global warming the fiscal cliff coming up. sherrod brown which is why senator, we need you back here in washington as soon as we can get you back here. go have a nice, big win today and we'll talk to you again and see you soon. >> we'll do it soon. thanks bill. >> bill: sherrod brown nobody better in the united states senate. he's great. people in ohio, go out and vote! we're counting on ohio. ohio's the key state. everybody says it. vote in ohio.
5:38 am
vote for barack obama. and vote for sherrod brown. we'll be right back. with dr. larry sabato from the university of virginia. all right. >> announcer: heard around the country and seen on current tv, this is the "bill press show." dose of politics from a fresh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. >>only on current tv.
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(vo) tonight, current tv presents special election coverage, with unrivaled social media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections.
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>> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen. >> announcer: radio meets television. the "bill press show." now on current tv. >> bill: all right. here we go. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. well, the entire nation has been holding its breath, waiting to see millions and millions of americans could not decide how they were going to vote today
5:42 am
until sarah palin made up her mind. she finally endorsed -- yesterday, did you see that, pete summer sarah palin day before the election finally endorsed mitt romney. >> oh, wow, what a shock. >> bill: what a shocker. that probably sends larry sabato's predictions all to hell right? he's going to have to start from scratch now. larry sabato, dr. larry sabato, head of the center of politics at the university of virginia. hi larry. it has been awhile. good to talk to you again. >> great to talk to you bill. sarah palin saw mitt romney from her porch. [ laughter ] >> oh, you beat me to that one. >> i wanted to be first. >> bill: now you have been looking in your crystal ball, larry and we have -- in the last two years, we've been talking about this. >> i was just talking to dan there and saying what in the heck are we going to talk about as of tomorrow? he said football and the weather. i said football causes fights,
5:43 am
too. guess we're sticking to the weather. >> bill: you know what we'll talk about starting tomorrow. 2014. i was jumping over -- >> you weren't even considering. >> i have to take elections one at a time. [ laughter ] >> bill: that's right. there are important med-terms. let's talk with the presidency, larry. what's is your call this morning? >> our call has been 290 and i think if anything, it's low. for obama. he could -- with virginia, he goes to 303. with florida, he goes to 332. but i think his -- i think -- we have colorado in obama's column. in terms of the election, you know i realize upsets happen and strange things happen but we will literally have to reinvent the system if romney wins. >> bill: what do you account -- how do you account for the fact that even as of yesterday, gallup and rasmussen had the national poll tied even
5:44 am
even. even romney ahead in one of them. >> gallup had plus one -- gallup called it a tie but they had romney up plus one but remember what they had for weeks during october, romney was up 4-6 points which essentially produces a landslide in the electoral college. i hope people are going to remember what gallup did. this is becoming an every four-year circus and a joke. >> bill: yes. thank you. >> gallup has serious problems! and they don't seem serious about correcting them! >> bill: well and the media doesn't seem serious about ignoring them. >> it is the gold standard. the name gallup, it is the gold standard. but look, if they had stuck with the four to six this would have been their second 1948. >> bill: wow. oh really. that bad. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> bill: you know, across the board, i mean i was looking this morning, most -- i recall it reputable people have -- in
5:45 am
their prediction have obama up in the electoral college. do you think the popular vote as well larry? >> i think so. i don't know what it will end up being. maybe a point. maybe a little bit more than a point. you know, i'm guided not just by polls. we have -- i hate to bring them up because some people hate political science. we have election models that analyses based on economic and political statistics that have nothing to do with polling or -- indirectly they have something to do with polling. the one we use and trust in july showed a close election in the popular vote but obama winning by a point 50.5 to 49.5, you throw out all of the third party and independent candidates, that's guided us throughout the whole process. believe it or not, a one-point margin in the popular vote, if it is well distributed in the swing states, produces a sizable electoral college victory. john f. kennedy won by 2/10 of
5:46 am
one%. what did he get in the electoral college? 303 which wouldn't surprise me at all to be obama's total tonight. if you add virginia to what we've got at 290 you come out at 303. truman got 303. john f. kennedy got 303. it could be around about what obama gets. if he has florida he'll go above 330. >> bill: you and i have talked over the last few months, a couple of years about some of the very, very important senate races. we don't have time to go through them all. but how do you see the senate shaping up? >> you know, we just spent $6 billion, bill, and the $6 billion has probably bought us a status quo election. >> bill: in senate races? >> in senate races. we may end up with about 53 democrats. >> bill: which is what there is today. >> exactly what there is today. i don't think the house is changing much either. status quo election. >> bill: unbelievable. in the senate, republicans went
5:47 am
into this expecting maybe not to take the senate but certainly to pick up a couple of senate seats. what happened? >> well, olympia snowe retired which gave the seat to angus king uva law graduate. i have to put the plug in who will sit with the democrats as an independent. then of course we had todd akin, the republicans found the one guy in missouri who could lose to clair mcclass kill. she's going to be re-elected. then, of course, mourdock was a complete disaster and a dud and indiana, they left lugar in, they wouldn't have had to spend a penny. they have wasted millions to save mourdock. he's finished. donnelly will win that seat. those are the three keys. then you have other cases, tim kaine i think has been a very strong candidate in virginia. he may have been the only democrat who could have saved that seat. he's going to. >> bill: surprisedly strong campaign in virginia, i thought. >> listen, they ran a terrific campaign. they did not miss any major
5:48 am
opportunities that i could see. it was really a first rate effort. >> bill: in the debates, did he well, too. the house you think stays roughly the same. >> roughly the same. i think democrats will pick up a knew seats but they have to pick up a net 25. ain't there. redistricting has guarantee that. believe me! it's like the poll it bureau. >> bill: nobody knows politics better and nobody explains it better than larry sabato of the university of virginia. center for you can go there today and check out all of the individual races. you we haven't had a chance to talk about. larry, we'll give you maybe a couple of days off and then we'll start talking about 2014. >> 2014 and 2016. 2020, throw that in, too! [ laughter ] >> bill: i gotta check with sarah palin first and see what she says. thanks larry. great to talk to you as always. larry sabato. university of virginia. he's great. >> announcer: all of the latest from the 2012 election, this is
5:49 am
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start you morning with a daily dose of politics from a fresh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. >>only on current tv.
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> >> announcer: the parting shot >> announcer: the parting shot with bill press. this is the "bill press show." >> bill: all right. you got it! tuesday, november 6th. my parting shot for today i voted for president obama about three weeks ago. by absentee ballot in california. do you know what? if i could do it again today, i would go out and vote again today. it is that damn important! i can't think of an election in my lifetime where there is more at stake. i mean everything is at stake in this election. everything we care about. everybody we care about. everything we believe in.
5:52 am
everything we fought for. and won over the years. it is all up for grabs in this election. we either go forward with barack obama or lose it all and go backward with mitt romney. that great american tradition of we're all in this together. we reach out to help people who are not as fortunate as we are. that's gone. if mitt romney ever gets in. he only cares about people who are as wealthy as he is. national healthcare, women's rights to control their own bodies, out the window if mittens steps in. clean energy future, ending foreign wars and rebuilding america instead uh-huh, not with mitt romney. he would go out and start another war. that's what's at stake today. that's why it is so important, you must, you must get out and vote and you must vote for barack obama. have a great election day folks! we'll see you right back here and analyze it tomorrow!
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